Executive Headmaster's Message

Headmaster Loring Roger

Mr Roger Loring

Executive Headmaster
At St Dominic's we strive to provide our pupils with a special education embracing not only excellent academic instruction but also sound Christian values and principles, which we believe form the basis of mature and responsible adulthood. Before you consider committing your daughter to our care, I would like to share with you the ethos of St Dominic's.

As a Catholic School, St Dominic's is dedicated to the development of the whole person since all human values find their fulfillment and unity in Christ. These values must pervade the whole atmosphere and ethos of the school. This transmission takes place through formal lessons but we always bear in mind that "values are caught, and not taught".

As a school, we have the responsibility of highlighting the skills our learners are going to need to be employable in the modern 4th to 5th Industrial Revolution. St Dominic's has unpacked and introduced new concepts and skills that will prepare your children for the future work environment. Our focus is on collaboration, presentation, coding, robotics, being more human, ethics and critical thinking.

Children have a natural thirst for learning and our excellent staff team is committed and dedicated to ensuring that each and every child achieves. We have high standards and we expect the best.

Although we will encourage your daughter to reach her full potential in every field, she will be accepted for who she is and not for what she achieves.